17 January 2013

How to Make Money on Youtube

How do you make money through YouTube? First, become a YouTube partner. Once you’re a YouTube partner, it’s possible to display ads on your personal videos. Every time someone clicks an ad, you earn a certain percentage. Typically you’ll make between $3 and $10 for every 1,000 views. The issue lies in becoming a YouTube partner. It’s much more difficult than being an Adsense publisher. Below are the six basic steps to take:

1. Open up an AdSense Account

Although displaying ads on YouTube videos is a separate process from opening an account, you must first ensure an account is open. Both your earnings and statistical figures will corroborate with your AdSense account.
Yes, you could apply as a YouTube affiliate prior to opening an account, but its much simpler to open an Adsense account first.

2. Build an Audience on YouTube

The number one criteria YouTube will use to judge your application is the strength of your audience. The following are approximate numbers needed for acceptance:
• minimum 1,000 subscribers
• minimum 1,000 views on all your videos
• minimum 10,000 channel views
Remember, these numbers are absolute minimums. If you want to ensure acceptance, go for 5,000 subscribers, 50,000 channel views and 1,000,000 upload views.

3. Release Videos Consistently

YouTube wants long-term commitments. If you only have a couple videos uploaded, even if they went viral, the chances of becoming a YouTube affiliate are slim.
The more often you upload videos, the better chance you have in becoming a YouTube affiliate. Be sure you have at least 100 uploaded videos before filling out an application (some claim 50 is enough as well).

4. Develop a Trademark Characteristic of your Videos

Although this step is not essential, it can help immensely in securing an affiliate partnership with Youtube. Remember, once you fulfill the prescribed guidelines, it will be another human being deciding on whether or not you’re a good person to advertise with. To put it simply, the more professional you are, the higher a chance you’ll be accepted.

Here are some practical tips:

• Create an external website, such as a blog, to host videos and enable your audience to interact in more ways
• Come up with a trademark logo to build brand awareness
• Include a watermark in your videos to ensure no one copies them
• Hire a professional to make you an intro for your YouTube channel
• Work hard to customize your YouTube. You want it to look professional.

5. Only included non-copyrighted material in your account

There is only one thing that will ensure you’ll never become a YouTube affiliate: including copyrighted material in your videos. Make sure you have absolutely no copyrighted material in any of your videos.
Copyrighted material includes video clips, logos, graphics, audio and images. Be warned: just using music that isn’t yours could get you rejected for copyright infringement.

6. Fill out the Application

Once all the previous steps are done, fill out your application and get ready to become a YouTube partner. You may fill out an application at the official YouTube Partner Program page. The application process may take some time due to the high number of people attempting; but, once you’re accepted, you’ll be able to begin making money from posting videos on YouTube.

Best of luck!

Post by Kate Pirs. Marketing manager in a team, who developed mSpy - spy software, which helps tracking children smartphone activity and finding stolen or lost phones.

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