28 August 2011

Google Adsense Calculator

Do you know about adsense calculator? Very funny and useful really!!!!The adsense calculator will calculate your 3 things.

1. Page Impressions
2. CTR(Click Through Rate)
3. Cost Per Click 

1. Page Impressions:

In general, page impression is the number of visitors view your website. So you can say if your site is visit by one people your page impression will be 1 and if your site is visit by two people your page impressions will be 2 and so on!!!

Page Impression Equation: 

Increase Traffic= Increase Page Impression = Earn More Cash!!!

2. CTR(Click Through Rate):

CTR Equation:

CTR= click/impression * 100

This is what click through rate is all about!!!! Very simple is not it??

The more clicks you get, the more you will earn...Higher earnings is all  about getting those clicks, when your cilck increase then your page impressions will be also high. As a result your earning percentage will be improve.

3.CPC (Cost Per Click):

CPC Equation:

CPC = Your earnings/Clicks  For example your earning is $4 from $4 clicks then your CPC will be $1. Is that hard to measure!!!

When you go the google adwords tool you find the upper right side a link called google estimator. Link is as follows:

See this wonderful tool and calculate your earnings!!


Why i am telling you this Google tool? Well let me explain...

How to Calculate CPC:

First go to that above link then search any keyword for example "Google adsense money making" then  under Max CPC $ put some value i usually put 1000. Then click the estimate button.You will see a value under Estimated Avg. CPC. The more value under that "estimated avg cpc" means Google will pay you more when someone click your website ads if your ads matching to those relevant keywords.  

So you see the importance of cpc term. Generally high popular keywords have high click per cost(CPC). For example, car is a popular term so when you choose car then obliviously that keyword rate is much higher than buy books keywords.So choosing high rate CPC keyword is vital for your money making program..like Google adsense. 


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  2. Great calculator for calculating ad sense earning!!!

  3. There is an adsense calculator here: