01 July 2012

How can I use the Internet to Make Money

The potential to make money online is one of the Internet's best kept secrets. The problem for many people, however, is that they are skeptical of sites that allow you to work online. They do have a good reason to be so; scams are a dime a dozen on the Web. Regardless, you can make money online, as long as you use only reliable, proven sites. To help you out, we've compiled a list here of just some of the sites you can use to make a little extra cash on the side.


MyGengo is an online human translation service. What that means is that they human translators by the word to translate documents provided by a client. They have a large selection of languages and require all translators to take a language proficiency test prior to accepting any assignments. Experienced translators are rewarded and if they are competent, can be promoted to a reviewer, which pays significantly more per word. Payment can be made at any time to your Paypal account, although they do charge a $1.50 fee for withdrawals.


Amazon's mTurk is a microjob site. What is a microjob? Essentially, it is a very small task that can be performed in a short amount of time. Clients typically post a variety of "microjobs" that they want performed and mTurk users select from a list the ones that they want to do. The tasks range from the small, such as "liking" a Facebook post, to the large, such as writing a complete product review on Amazon. The pay is commensurate with the difficulty of the task and it can be deposited directly into a bank account at your request.


Paid Viewpoint is an online survey site that pays you to participate in market research. While many such sites exist, this one operates a bit differently. They pay you for every question you answer, even the initial demographic ones during the sign-up process. Answering questions thoughtfully raises your "trust score" and users with high trust scores get priority on new surveys. After you have collected at least $10, you can choose to deposit the money into your Paypal account.


Software Judge is a site that pays you to review various software products. After you submit a review, it will be evaluated by a staff member. Following the evaluation, your review will credit you with anywhere from $1 to $50, depending on both the quality of your review and on the software being reviewed. Once you reach $200, they will send you your rewards by Western Union. Rewards can also be redeemed earlier in the form of gift cards at select retailers.


If you have a knack for writing, this is the site for you! All you need to do is register, create a password, and you are on your way to making money. You will be able to see different writing jobs that different people need done. Once you have scoped out a project that you want to write for, the client will have a chance to approve or deny your work. If you have great grammar, and you follow instructions, you will be able to make a pretty penny on this site. A lot of people use writing jobs as ways to get supplemental income.

These sites are some of the quickest and most reliable ways to make money online. We've saved you the effort by collecting them here but always remember to investigate websites before agreeing to work for them. There are many scammers on the Internet, and the old adage, "hindsight is 20/20," will be of little comfort if you've just wasted hours of your time on a project that you'll never be paid for. You also need to know that making money online is the same as making money anywhere else. If you want to make good money, you will be required to put in the time and effort to make it. You can't just expect to make money extremely quickly. Find the sites that work best for you, and you will be able to make the most money. Don't forget to do the work that you enjoy. If you don't, it will reflect on your work, and you won't get paid as well. 

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