26 July 2012

Boost Google Adsense Revenue by Placing Ads Higher on the Page

Increase User Experience with Better Ad Placements

One of the essential things about Google adsense ad placement is that you should place your ad units higher on the page so that visitors can see it easily. However, according to Google ad sense data, 

"ads higher on the top of the content tends to have 61% lower CTR than ads below or near to content and header."

You can improve your ad performance to test whether moving the ad unit closer to the rest of the content can provide you better adsense earnings or revenue. One of the tool of Google ad sense called "above the fold" can help you to experiment with your ads placements.


What is Above The Fold Basically?

When a website or webpage is loaded, The area immediately visible for the users without scrolling is called above the fold.  

Google Ad sense Above the Fold Tool Features

1.All you have to do is that visit the above the fold site and enter your targeted URL.

Google AdSense- Above The Fold Tool
Google AdSense- Above The Fold Tool

2. You can use this tool when you are placing your ads below the header and check whether your ad sense ads still appearing above the fold.

3. Moving higher your ad unit of a page can significantly change your ad revenue. By using this tool, you can do that easily....

Think about when you read newspaper. Is that all news heading you emphasize? No, you just take a look in the upper stories headlines or another words you take a look those stories which are above the fold or higher on the page.The same things goes true when you see a webpage or website in the internet.

By moving your bottom ads unit into higher, you can see your ads unit tends to perform better. Generally, above the fold ad units do better than below the fold units.According to Google, eCPM for above the fold unit is approximately 80% higher than below the fold units. You can generate better ad sense earnings or income by placing the more ad unit above the fold!!

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