26 August 2012

6 Ways to Make Money with WebAnswers

WebAnswers.com can be a big source of your passive income. WebAnswers.com is a fund sharing kind of Q & A(Question & Answer) site, where the revenue earned from Google AdSense ads that are displayed alongside your questions & answers are shared with you. It is a legitimate method for anyone to make some extra money or cash in internet.

If you are ready to earn some money, you can start your work this way:

The Different Ways of Earning through WebAnswers

Way-1: Create a WebAnswers Account

First, you have to just create an account on WebAnswers site. Once you done that go the answer tab in the site and choose the category you like, find the topic and answer the specific question. You can find thousands of topics on different subject matters to answer. Some subject matter includes careers, taxes, business, finance & investing, real state and so on… The more questions you answer, the more money you can earn, simple is that!!

Way-2: Earn Money through Google AdSense Account

Only when you have answered 50 questions, webanswers invite you to open a Google AdSense account. The invitation will automatically send to your email address you specified in webanswers. Webanswers has collaboration directly to Google AdSense. So, Google displays related ads to the webanswers site. When somebody clicks on your Google ads, you get money. If you want to know how to make money with adsense then go to the following link...

how to make money with AdSense

Way-3: The Answer which Will Recognize as the Best Answer

In this method, if your answers will stand as the “best answer” among all other answers, you will be rewarded ongoing advertising royalties to the specific thread to which you participate. The more “best answer” you have, the more earning opportunity you get!!

Way-4: Earn Money by Asking Questions

Currently webanswers have another fantastic opportunity for you to make some extra cash by asking questions to other.

Way-5: Earn Extra Income with Your Overall Participation

In addition to your advertising royalties, best answers, Webanswers also care about your overall site participation and this is another decent way to earn some extra cash in your pocket. Webanswers not only shows ads on your “best answer” areas but also shows ads the question you ask areas and other pages on Webanswers. They do evaluate your overall participation by the following factors:

Additional Onsite Advertising Exposure Factors Considered by WebAnswers
  • Account QS (Quality Score of your Postings)
  • Answer to Award Ratio
  • Answer Frequency
  • Other Relevant Factors
The main hints here, you have to active on this site to be benefited from. The more contribution you make, the more $ you can expect.   

Way-6: Referral Program

You can simply earn money by referring traffic to webanswers.
There are two ways to earn money with webanswers Referral Program…

Referring New Users
By this program, webanswers share 10% commissions of your referred user’s activity. In straight words, if you bring a user through your referral links and if he actives in webanswers and earn 10 dollars, you will receive 1 dollar. In another way, if you refer many users and you will get 10% commissions of their overall activity earnings. The rest of the math is up to you.
So you see, you can earn almost limitless using webanswers referral policy.

Traffic Impressions
This is another alternative option you have for some extra income.
You will earn 20% if your direct traffic comes to webanswers from your unique tracking token.
In the following you can learn how to create unique tracking token links…

How to Create Tracking Token in WebAnswers

This is as simple as you imagine.
1.      You must have webanswers account
2.      You have to login
3.      After that you go bottom of this website
4.      Click “link to this page” to create your unique tracking link

Sample Tracking Token Link Example:

Special Note:

In order to get payment or credits, you must have a unique tracking token.

Tips for Success in Webanswers

  • When you participate in the site, make sure you have the activeness or consistency you have. Participate and answer the questions regularly.
  • Make sure when you answer the question, you fully understand the question and provide a meaningful and relevant answer.
  • Make sure you participate the topics which you know better than anyone else. Your knowledge is your ultimate powerhouse. If you know the topics in broad sense then automatically you will answer to that subject matter easily and elaborately.
  • Make sure you can provide the questionnaire relevant examples. Example may be relevant links, relevant videos, pdf whatever useful and related to the question matters.
  • Avoid make spam comments since spam comments will automatically remove by webanswers.
  • If you consider quantity answers it will help you in short time, but if you consider about the users, their emotions and their problems as your problems then you have to provide quality answers. Quality answers mean not only unique information but more importantly a very useful and organize answers so that the requested users get benefited from your answers more than any other answers.
  • Another important issues although related to webanswers rule is that DO NOT EVER CLICK YOUR OWN ADS otherwise both your Google AdSense and webanswers account will be terminated in quick time. They are really smart enough to detect “click fraud”or “invalid click activity” so please do not do that!!
  • Always share and promote webanswers in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other high traffic social networking sites so that people know about your activities in webanswers. You can use blog posting, forum posting and related groups for more exposure. More exposure means more money earning possibility. So do that and try hard!!

To telling the truth is that Webanswers is not getting you rich in quick time but hard work and consistency makes your time worth and valuable both for you and of course for other Webanswers users. “Little, little and little makes many in one day my friend”. So plan anything before implementing, once you plan  then stuck to it and work hard for only one day NO NO!!  but consistently for longer time. This strategy will definitely help you. Try it and get rich in a legitimate way.   I hope all for the best!!!

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